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Elections in Michigan

Who is on the ballot in the next election? What did candidates promise in the last election? How to register to vote? ...and more

Voter Information

For information on how to register, where do I vote, review a ballot, click on

Michigan Secretary of State


Register to Vote

Are you registered to vote? Do you want to change your address, your name, obtain an absent voter ballot?

Your Polling Place will appear on your voter registration card or to search, go to
If you need futher information, please contact your City or Township Clerk listed below:

City of Alpena 989 354-1700
Alpena Township 989 356-0297
Green Township 989 379-2398
Long Rapids Township 989 379-2776
Maple Ridge Township 989 356-0791
Ossineke Township 989 727-3028
Sanborn Township 989 471-5138
Wellington Township 989 379-4763
Wilson Township 989 727-3981
Alpena County 989 354-9520

Elections in Michigan

For information regarding Michigan elections Michigan Secretary of State or at